Terms and Conditions

We at CastGator.com like to keep things simple, so our conditions are also simple:

Before you place an order, we assume that you have read and agree to these Terms and Conditions.

1– We work without a notice period. Payments are per month and are made on payment in advance. CastGator.com chooses to use monthly payment so that you are not committed to anything. If you decide to stop the stream, you can do so without a problem. Please note: payments made in one month will not be refunded. You must ensure that the monthly amount (for the package that you have chosen) is credited to us before the end of the payment period. If payment is exceeded, we assume that you want to end the stream and we will take the stream offline. You will of course be informed of this in advance.

2– You pay and CastGator.com provides you a service for this, this service consists of taking care of, maintaining and keeping your stream in the air.

3– You can contact us by email and we will answer you asap.

4– You can upgrade or downgrade your package at any time, just send us an email and we will adjust it to your wishes.

5– Music rights licenses; You must arrange these licenses yourself that apply to your radio station. You are responsible for this yourself. We will never register your station with such authorities.

6– We deliver unlimited data traffic on the stream servers. However, abuse is not permitted and therefore results in the stream being stopped.

7– We will always inform you about any server maintenance.

8– It is not permitted to upload any ilegal or 18+ content material to the servers. Upon discovery of this, your account will be closed immediately and you will no longer be able to log in to the servers.

9– You cannot hold CastGator.com liable for any damage suffered due to outages or malfunctions of the stream servers.

10– We reserve the right to stop a stream if we have a strong suspicion that there is a direct reason for it.