Internet radio hosting

Shoutcast radio and Icecast radio stream servers, unlimited data traffic and each server comes with CentovaCast control panel.

You have your own radio station and you are looking for professional and reliable stream server, or you want to start a new internet radio station, you’ve come to the right place. CastGator have lots of experience with internet radio and stream servers.

Free html5 player player for on your website, view our player

Free unlimited number of mount points on Shoutcast V2 and Icecast servers, possible with SSL

Optionally a Jukebox (automatic request system), in combination with our Shoutcast and Icecast servers, this request system runs from the server side, requests are processed directly from your stream server. Very useful if there is no DJ live but listeners still want to request a song.

We like to keep things simple, for that reason you have no cancellation period and you are billed monthly.

If you like to order a stream server, you may choose from the 3 standard options.

When you require more server capacity and/or mediaserver, dance radio, barix instreamer, iheartradio, SSL stream, multiple slots, different bit rate, church radio, etc. please contact us.

The reasons why you also should choose CastGator?

Because we have stable stream servers for the best price, help desk always available, no contracts, think along with you and where necessary we are happy to help with your website. Always a solution.

We like to promote radio stations, we invite you to add your radio station for free on our link page

For more information, support or any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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